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08 June 2008 @ 11:12 am
meh. don't actually have much to say. getting very tired of being pregnant. my last trimester has started and i'm ready to be done. she's run out of room and i think we are both uncomfortable with the current situation. i just want her to get here. i want to hold her outside my body where her kicks are cute and not torture. she's got a 90 percent chance if she's born this week so, i guess i'd like to wait just a few more weeks. early is fine but i want a healthy little fatty.
i actually dreamed of her last night. you'd think i would have had an exciting dream of her arrival but it was nothing. i was just running errands with her and i had to stop in at work to change her diaper. i woke up after i changed her diaper. boring. i can't even remember what she looked like in my dream.

this post is at least four days in the making. every time i sat down to post i'd be interrupted. aunt jonie is in town till this weekend. i wish jer's family would tell me before hand. i just got a call saying she got in last night and will be gone by sunday. now i have to rework my entire week around it. i was going to get things taken care of for my shower tuesday and take the kids to cosi saturday. now it looks like i'll be dragged around town tuesday and spending most of saturday at brent's. it will still be a kick ass week but i wouldn't be mourning our other plans if i hadn't been left to make them. i don't know. whatever.

still pregnant. still planning my shower. still blah.
i'm: blahblah
nita_friendnita_friend on June 8th, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
okie doke. so tuesday will have to wait on my end then. No big :) You have fun! And poke the chub chub for me :)