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12 June 2008 @ 08:55 am
in cincy? july 20th?  
so, i've settled my shower date. it's july 20th from 8pm till 11pm. dave and buster's. there will be food. if anyone in the area wants to come just tell me by july 5th. (the buffet needs a count). nita i know you're coming, wendy are you in?

in other nonsense...
tummy's really out there lately. still haven't gained 10 pounds but i'm ginormous and hugantic both. the baby is big. she's a wiggler and we like to sit around and watch my belly dance. still want her to get out but... it'll happen when it happens.

my son is yonder watching stupid cartoons. i hate ben 10. they just don't make cartoons like he-man and transformers anymore. the new transformer cartoons have all been a joke. dear god, now it's on to one i haven't seen. johnny test? the theme song sounds like a blink 182 song. (gag). what happened to good tv? have i really gotten this old? i can only stand spongebob and a few others at this point. i miss samurai jack and dextor. i miss sheep in the big city. i miss liking to watch cartoons. ack.

so yeah, i'll stop ranting about that now. might go bowling for a friends birthday this saturday? am i allowed to do that? i know i can lift up to 20 pounds peridically, but can i keep lifting and hurling 12 pounds over and over again? i must find out the answer. i guess this is lucky. she had wanted to put together a baseball game.

so, i'm off this now